China's New Missile: Real Threat or Daring Bluff?

China's New Missile: Real Threat Or Daring Bluff?

by Dan Ehrlich

If America didn't have it hands full with two foreign wars, another potentially more serious confrontation may be looming with of all nations, China, our industrial master, in a case of de'ja vu all the way back to WW2.

The expected deployment in the near future of the Dong Feng 21D anti ship missile could not only put more American lives at risk, but transform China into what Japan was striving for before and during WW2, to be the leader of a Greater Asia Co Prosperity Sphere. And ironically, we're paying for the very weapons that may be used to attack us.

While Japan may have fallen short, largely due to its overreach for a nation of its size, China, now the world's top industrial power with the world's largest population, would have little trouble taking on this challenge. It's only major obstacle would be the US Navy. That's where the Don Feng 21 comes in. It's designed especially to sink aircraft carriers or more specifically American aircraft carriers.

The friction we had with Japan before WW2 is similar to the way China now feels about America. It will take our money and trade, but feels we have no business meddling in its affairs, namely Taiwan and North Korea. The new 900 miles range carrier buster missile is designed as a warning to the US to stay out of Chinese waters and Chinese interests.

For Japan, its option was to blast us out of the Pacific and it nearly worked in the short-term. But, the world is a changed planet now. China needs America and we need China. So, is the new missile merely brinksmanship for a nation that doesn't yet have a navy large enough to challenge America on the high seas?

And does China think any attack on an American ship would go unanswered? Yet, this is the dilemma that China is hoping to inflict on us: How could we go to war with our mercantile masters and chief bank note holders. It knows that if the US Navy was crippled and retreated, the only thing left for us would be missiles and other words another war on our hands.

But it would be a war that would upset the IMF and Global Village apple cart since much of the world depends on cheap Chinese goods. And since our political leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike, are monetarists, dedicated to preserving the global marketplace, the Chinese would bank on the US caving in with some gesture of appeasement, almost like tribute in ancient times.

What about a worse case scenario a'la WW2? China attacks the US fleet killing hundreds or even thousands of our sailors. We declare war on China. But what kind of war would it be? Would we try to enact our patented regime change scenario, which would be the IMF and World Bank option because such a conflict would strive to keep China's industrial base intact? Or would our war escalate into another shock and awe campaign that would leave much of China in ruins?

The latter might benefit America in the long run, providing China didn't bomb us to ruins. With China's economy and industry wrecked, America would have a chance to rebuild its own industrial base, with our own people learning to live on less needless luxuries and yet hoping for a better day just around the corner.

In the end, there's one lesson that shouldn't be overlooked...the need for dynamic and insightful leadership. Instead of spending billions fighting never ending wars against Muslim hill tribesmen, we should be spending those dollars developing new weapons and counter-measures, just as our adversaries are doing and with our money. But first, we should enact better defenses of our own borders.

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