US Officials Still Ignore Root of Illegal Immigrant Problem
BY Dan Ehrlich

It took 800 federal agents, after a two year investigation, to arrest 47 people Thursday in Arizona suspected of smuggling into America up to 80,000 illegals during a decade-long operation.

The problem with this, other than the modest gains for such a massive police bust, is the authorities and our government still dodge the key issue. Their emphasis is on the immigrants themselves rather than how and why they have been able to get work in the USA. But, slowly due to our declining economy this may be changing because the jobs President Bush said Americans wouldn't do may mutate into work Americans will again seek.

And as we now see the Bush Fence with Mexico, designed to stem the flow of illegals into the US, hasn’t been nixed by President Obama afterall. This is still being pushed as an effective treatment for the problem, but now there's the Obama addendum of the fence being needed for national security...a defense against terrorists. That settles it.

America has been populated by people from all over the world coming here to get a better deal. The same holds true for Hispanic immigrants, with one major exception. The bulk of worldwide immigrants here in past generations were people determined to become Americans and partake of the American dream and their arrival came at a time of unlimited national potential. Those days are gone.

It’s safe to say the bulk of Mexican immigrants, for example, simply want work and to send money home to relatives living in a nation approaching failed state status. Yet, you still can’t fault these people for wanting to better their lives and the lives of their families.

The main problem with this is we won't have the jobs in the future and can't afford the welfare bills now to support unlimited millions from pre industrial nations. In the end what we may create in the Land of the Free is another South Africa, with a rump of wealthy people living in the hills or on the beaches and masses of low wage Americans and Hispanics in ever growing slums.

What federal agents refuse do is to go after the root of the problem, employers who give immigrants work without fear of the law. In many southwestern fast food restaurants English is seldom heard in the kitchens. Yet, when is the last time there was a major bust at Big Macs or BK?

It’s no accident that our service sector, like the Bush-Cheney cabal, has been given a “get out of jail free” card. Yet, every so often there’s a token bust, such at kosher meat packer in the Midwest. That’s right; if you want scapegoats, hit the Jews. But, really when have you ever heard of the law coming down a main street chain? You won’t because you are able to get a value menu at MacDonald largely due to cheap immigrant labor. Without it, probably no 99 cent double cheeseburgers.

You might say the bottom line reads: Millions of illegals are here because Americans unknowingly want them here. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to satisfy our gluttonous desires for more and more cheap goods and services. That's also what China does for us and why our own industry and middle class is dying. And that’s why Big Mac isn’t busted…who would replace all those workers? Americans? Not yet…but soon as the nation regresses.

However, as Americans return to low wage work it won’t be to earn extra cash. It will, in many cases, be a prime job. But what about the up to 15 million illegals here? More than likely, if Obama wins a second term, he will make them legal, which will remove the politically and socially hot charge that they're taking American jobs.

You see, if Americans end up fighting illegals for jobs, the government won't be able to dodge the issue and will be forced to act. Yet, by that time many of the immigrants may have gone home to new jobs being created by US firms moving south. We may even see Americans streaming into Mexico for work.

When any wealthy society is gripped by materialism, decadence follows. The very people who developed the society find it unthinkable that they or their children should now work for peasant wages. But, to make cheap goods peasant wages are what it takes. Why not hire your own down trodden down-market people? Well they don’t want to work for peasant wages, either. The ones that don't feel entitled to a top level job often feel they can make more on welfare than by working at BK.

In the end, we are left with the prospect of masses of illegals, getting the blind eye from law enforcement because our economy and hedonistic desires depend on it. But, we will still have that border fence to show the government is doing something

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