Rick Sanchez a Product of a Dumbed Down Nation?
by Dan Ehrlich

More Stupid than Racist, But He Brings Up a Good Point
So what if the former CNN talker Rick Sanchez had been correct in his absurd assertion that Jews control the media. What would be wrong with that?

In a free market people and economies rise to the top on the basis of their productivity, quality and value for money. And history has shown Jews have a pretty good record of success in most things they attempt. In fact, it would be difficult to find any similar minority of less than 16 million worldwide that have had such a profound impact on world civilization.

So while Sanchez claiming Jews controlled the news media was nonsense, it wasn’t a racist statement. The racism was his feeling that Jews controlling the news media was wrong. By his standards it was wrong because Jews were different from Hispanics or other minorities. And as such had no idea of what it was like being part of a minority.

The fact of life is there's nothing wrong with anyone controlling anything as long as control is honest, reputable and was gained through hard work and brains. That's the fabled American way.

In any case, Sanchez's view that Jews also controlled CNN, earmarked him as a remarkably ignorant person of the quality often found on the Jerry Springer Show. Here's a guy working for a major media conglomerate and he has no no idea who runs it. Hell, everyone knows the very Jewish Ted Turner founded CNN and its now part of the equally Jewish Time-Warner empire.

The Sanchez rant validated a main point of my previous blog that American white-collar industry, now populated by generations of dumbed down employees, had abandoned the meritocracy that built this country for diversity to a point of employing under qualified people as long as they’re minority group members.

Throughout the long history of anti Semitism, one of the most common claims is Jews control everything from medicine to pawn shops. Hitler and the Nazis had them in charge of international Communism and Capitalism at the same time. As erroneous as they may have been, such views fueled race hatred that led to endless persecution and eventually genocide. \

In America, the Hollywood movie machine was the one industry created and largely controlled by Jews for decades. But, today that industry is far greater and more diverse than ever envisioned by the likes of Louis B. Mayer or Jack Warner.

Racism is generally aimed at two types of people, those seen by racists as not being good enough and those deemed too good for their own good. The latter manifestation is harmful to societies because by purging them of productive or gifted people, the countries concerned suffer economically, socially and also morally.

Whether Sanchez is really a racist or just ill informed and stupid hasn’t been determined by this one radio rant. Yet, the question remains: Why would such a well known personality offend his employer to the point of being fired? His action was similar to rogue flight attendant Steven Slater sliding off his Jet Blue flight mid job.

A guess would be Sanchez was already on his way out from CNN when he appeared on the radio show as a parting shot. The fact that CNN terminated him immediately after that broadcast seems to indicate his head may have already been on the chopping block.

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