America's Right-Left Polarization:
A Distraction from Major Issues
by Dan Ehrlich

Would a President Palin (gasp) be so Bad?
If you haven’t noticed, the liberals, after losing their main voice Air America, have regained it in digital print with news and blog sites such as the Huffington Post, Salon and even the Daily Beast, all run by women.

Of course they need these and more to battle all the right-wing “lies and propaganda” being spread by Fox News. And, as I said in a previous post, their main target now is would-be earth mother and possible Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who's not their sort of woman.

Yet, all this polarized sparring between liberals and conservatives is merely a distraction for those people who need to be distracted…meaning those not terminally distracted by reality TV shows and Entertainment Tonight. Because in the end what’s going to happen will happen no matter what the red and blue mob say the other side is doing.

Look at our two main distractions, aside from our wars, abortion and gays. All the Republicans presidents and congressional opposition haven’t rolled back the landmark 1973 Roe Vs Wade Supreme Court decision granting women abortion rights. And, all the liberal pressure hasn’t removed the gay social stigma. These problems have remained no matter who has been for or against them.

Since 1952 the GOP has been in the White House a majority 36 years. And what major conservative measures have been enacted and have remained? The march of progress has remained no matter what opposition has been thrown against it.
War has been our main distraction
Of course our main distractions in recent years have been wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…the overall War on Terrorism. Yet, these costly and blood soaked conflicts only mask the reality of 9/11…we didn’t and still don’t have proper security on our borders. If we did that disaster would never have happened.

This led one Republican president to wage a war on a bold convincing falsehood, with the side motive of billions to be made by defense contractors and a hold on Iraq’s massive oil wealth.

Yet, we keep this war alive with alleged periodic messages from Osama bin Laden, a man in ill health, who has eluded all efforts of the world’s super power to find and eliminate him…if he really does exist. He seems almost like the phantom criminal in the film The Usual Suspects. Even more unusual is how Bin Laden’s henchmen were able enter America, even though some were on terrorist watch lists, take flying lesson on how to only take-off and allowed on the four 9/11 aircraft.

Still, the left and right go back and forth looking for more relatively petty things about which to piss and moan. But our real problems…our overall economic decline, lower lifestyle expectations, family breakdown and our inadequately defended borders, aren’t the subjects you see that often debated. That’s because either no one has any positive answers in the case of the economy, or they may be part of the problem, in cases of social erosion and breakdown.
President's most visible impact is on foreign affairs
The fact is, in recent decades the President’s most visible impact has been on foreign affairs. Yes, Obama bailed out the banks or GM, but that was an emergency situation and not part of our normal economic life. Today’s reality is our economic fortunes and even our lifestyle are in the hands of foreign countries as brutal and alien to us as Saudi Arabia and China.

So, just for he hell of it, let’s say Sarah Palin becomes President Palin. I know it’s a stretch and its sets off mental alarm bells. But, Palin becomes President. What will she do? First, she would have to beef up the Secret Service in anticipation of a new more real homegrown terrorist threat from far left femi-nazis.

Domestically, as much as she may hate abortion and gays, she probably won’t be able to do much about these. Congress, as in the past, won’t back any legislation to turn back the clock. What about the economy, again she wouldn’t be able to do much since we are now in debt and enslaved to low wage Asian nations.

President Palin, after finishing her crash night school courses in political science and international relations, will seek the advice of her staff…no not her husband and Levi Johnson, but some other backwoods types. They may tell her, that seeing Russia from Alaska isn’t enough. It’s time she actually visited the country. As with a few presidents before her, she will learn on the job.
Palin's Plus and Minus and Plus
On the plus side, her attractiveness, if she maintains it, would allow her to cozy up to the mainly male world leaders club. The downside would be with most Muslim leaders who often look with disdain at having to negotiate with women.

On the other hand, for American liberals this would be an up…they could ally themselves with Muslim leaders in their opposition to President Palin. Of course, this wouldn’t be a new thing for liberals since they have championed the Palestinians ever since Israel was officially removed from their underdog status list.

What about stoning, beheading, honor killings and denial of basic civil rights? “We can live with those. But we can’t live with President Palin,” is what the head of NOW might say. To which the President replied,” We are all sisters…and we are all feminists, but in our own ways. However, since I am President all ways are my ways. Off with their heads.”

At the count of three you will wake up and remember none of this horror story…one, two, three…………


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