Why is the Liberal Media Obsessed with a Right-Wing Mamma Bear?
by Dan Ehrlich

What Urks the Anti-Palin Intellectuals
If you haven't noticed by now, the liberal side of America's apparently polarized media is obsessed with Sarah Palin...seemingly more so than the conservative side. A day doesn't go by without numerous Palin stories which have the effect of making her seem far bigger than her shapely figure reveals.

Daily its: “Will she run?”, “whom will she support?” or some other politician or media figure attacking her. In the Daily Beast it was “Inside Palin's Reality Show,” or “Palin Lashes out at WSJ reporter,” reported by the Hunffington Post. In fact Palinism as become so intense they're even rapping her 20-year-old daughter for surviving on Dancing with the Stars, claiming it might be a right wing conspiracy.

The only possible conspiracy here may be how she got on the show in the first place. She wasn't a star and she couldn't dance. But, some opinions on the latter may have changed after performing an excellent tango Monday, sort of a vindication of the inclusion of a rank amateur and a continuous ratings boost for ABC

In fact there's so much Palin verbiage in the media I have to think of satirist Lewis Black's wildly funny rant against Glen Beck on the Daily Show...Does the liberal media have Palin Turrets? Do they really fear her that much or do they just need someone newsy about who they can make news?

When John McCain added Palin to his hopeless campaign I felt she would figure prominently in the GOP’s future, mainly because of her attractiveness and down-home personality. But I feel, as do much of the media and even people in her own party, she’s not educated well enough for the Presidency. Yet, Palin is not stupid as some in the media depict her. Perhaps if she took some poly sci and international relations courses they might raise her credibility to some degree allowing her to talk and answer questions intelligently.

I feel liberal women in the media; in particular, fear her for what she represents. For the past 50 years America has undergone skyrocketing divorce rates, women’s liberation, gender role reversal, dysfunctional families and an entitled generation of kids all wrapped in a profligate and grossly wasteful society.

Yet, out of the backwoods steps a hot chick with five kids, all living the American dream, one that has little relevance for some and has all but vanished for others. Sarah Palin represents the America some women envy and other reject as going backwards.

Since WW2 divorce rates in America climbed and then stabilized at about 50 percent. Today, because of the uncertainty of marriage and financial insecurity, millions of young people all over America, and other nations such as Britain, simply cohabitate without marriage. Then, in some distant future or when they decide to have children, these couples may marry, while others may break up without hassle. On the other hand, the USA has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the developed world, a fact to which the would-be dancing queen Bristol will attest.

What this adds-up to is a majority of US citizens living today that have never known a traditional family structure as depicted by pre War Hollywood movies or even during the 50s, at which time America enjoyed a brief golden age of wealth and prosperity. The Palin clan is Hollywood fantasy transformed into real life. They’re the Waltons.

Well, its one thing having a fantasy and another reality. Many contemporary urbanites, especially career women, may find this extended nuclear family as alien as golden wedding anniversaries. They may see Palin as a throwback to when women were naively happy as homemakers. And they may be envious, in their lonely material world, of old fashioned togetherness.. So, what really bugs liberal America is the Palins as a family.

But, Sarah Palin isn’t your typical homemaker. She’s also a career woman and politician. Isn’t she then a role model for the liberated American woman? For some she is, for others no.

When right-wing Margaret Thatcher was British prime minister left-wing women’s groups disavowed her womanhood. You get the feeling the American Left looks at Palin in a similar fashion…She’s not their sort of woman. After all, Palin seems at odds with most progressive movements and legislation. They fear if the electorate really begins to take her seriously, she may emerge as a threat to President Obama and worse, they might wind up being forced to face what America used to be like against what it has become today.

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