Why Have so Many Americans Given-Up on Politics?
by Dan Ehrlich

As goofy and insane as the Right often seems with its conspiracy theories, predictions of doom, claims that Obama is really a Kenyan Communist, unabashed greed, and that the world was actually created in six days, it can’t hold a candle to the Left for deceit and pseudo intellectually based racism.

Those who often read my literary masturbation know that I like think of myself as neither being right, left or even in the middle. And this is precisely because I do think. And one of the things I think quite a bit about is the endless right-left debate about the right being wrong and the left being right.

A new Gallup poll shows 78 percent of Americans doubt the traditional scientific view of evolution: 40 percent of Americans believe that God created mankind 10,000 years ago; another 38 percent believe in intelligent design. Just 16 percent, meanwhile, believe in the scientific view of “secular evolution”—though that’s up from a mere 9 percent in 1982.

This indicates Americans still maintain strong traditionally religious beliefs. But a poll such as this doesn’t also take in social and political data, comparing this with these traditional beliefs. If it did it would probably reveal most Americans are progressive, as well…This would fly in the face of many liberals who feel traditionalism is synonymous with conservatism and can lead to racism.
No one party can claim to be the people's voice
The fact is Americans compromise an amalgam of many ideas and views… That’s one reason why no one political party or movement can claim to be the voice of the people. For one thing the people no longer have a clear idea of what their voice is, the parties or ideologies being blurred by widely varying viewpoints and philosophies.

Are you a Republican because you believe in less government, old-fashioned family values, traditional religious beliefs and self-reliance? Or, as with so many GOP politicians and big shots, is your true god Wall Street and the IMF?

Are you a Democrat because you want a better deal for the less fortunate, yourself and your children? Or is it because you simply wanted a Black President? I personally know people who didn’t care what Barack Obama’s platform was…only that he was Black and that’s why they voted for him.

The Left has long been up-front, albeit transitory, about what and who it is: It’s the champion of the meek and the weak. That’s why Obama is its hero…remember liberals always need an underdog to protect and elevate. And, in the USA there are no better long-term underdogs than African Americans. Mexican immigrants are also classed as underdogs, but the left is divided on the issue of illegal aliens.

The main worry for liberals is having their underdogs over achieve, losing their underdog status in the process of becoming overdogs. This is what happened with Jews in America and in Israel. It’s also taking the glow off of Obama’s aura since he now doesn’t seem too liberal to many in the far Left.
They used to be the darlings of the Left
The Jews used to be the darlings of the Left, its most favored people, due in a large part because so many left-wingers were Jews. This love affair gradually ended when Israel kept beating the odds by beating the Arabs and US medical schools dropped the quota system for Jewish medical student enrollment. The Jews had become part of the establishment…the kiss of death for liberal underdog patronage.

Luckily for the European and American Left the Arab-Israeli conflict had been going on so long, many didn’t even have an accurate idea of how it began and what it was about. All they knew or cared about was the new underdogs on the block, the Palestinians.

So what about the Right? The Republican Party, the official base for the Right, isn’t as up-front as the Left as to who they are and what they represent. Since the Civil War this former liberal civil rights party has morphed into the party of wealth and privilege, its spiritual and financial home being Wall Street, its domain the global market.

Yet, their castles came tumbling down after Watergate. It was rebranding time…that was accomplished about six years later when Ronald Regan took office as the first God and family values president. The reality of Wall Street was pushed out of sight, even though the greedy minions behind the GOP were still very much in power.

And the American public was so enthralled by our national granddad they never noticed how his economic policies were setting the stage for the nation’s financial ruin. Besides, we had more pressing long-term problems to distract us such as abortion and homosexuals in the military…The economy…what’s that?
Most major scandals have been Republican
Fact: The most serious political scandals in the USA the past 100 have occurred during Republican Administrations…the most egregious arguably the Iraq War of GW Bush…launched on a falsehood by a President and VP with vested interests in Iraq. Yet, with after the fact accomplices being the Democratic leadership in both Houses of Congress which did nothing to hold the President and his Iago to an accounting.

Swinging left again, Liberals don’t start wars. In fact they’re not very good in a fight. But they tend to be so full of themselves its as if no one else matters or no views other than PC views will be heard. Don’t try to voice dissent during a left-wing student rally. If you’re lucky you will just be shouted down. Their arrogance and pomposity would have us believe that only Republicans are fascists and racists, while liberals hold the keys to a harmonious multi racial kingdom.

The facts are right wing racists tend to be insufficient jerks or even morons who can’t make it in the world and need to blame their shortcomings on others. But it takes a pseudo intellectual liberal to justify racism on moral and historical grounds, much as the Nazi Germans did.

While it’s easy to dismiss the hateful verbiage of some right-wing nut, its more difficult when racist attitudes are buried in humanitarian concerns.

As I wrote earlier, once the Jews became winners they were no longer covered by the liberal’s insurance policy. Luckily, they managed to gain formidable allies in America’s Christian right, which had a collective epiphany that the Jews would be their ticket to heaven. The oddity here is that these were the same sort of people who at one time would lynch Jews for helping Blacks.
The Left's New Chosen People
As for the Left, they had their new underdogs the Palestinians. Since WW2, anti Semitism was as about un PC as you could get in the West. Yet, these racist attitudes didn’t die in Europe and America. They were just covered up until needed. The plight of the Palestinians presented that need. The Left in Europe and America took advantage of this opportunity in what has to be hypocrisy of monumental proportions for the sake of their manufactured to order cause.

The left, feeling betrayed by the Jews for surviving and thriving, was able to release deep seated anti Semitic feelings without appearing to be anti Semitic…They were just anti Israel…. a progressive multi cultural social democracy…in favor of the Palestinians, an Arab people who social and cultural norms are an abomination to just about everything progressive and liberal. How and why the Left would champion a people who treat women like livestock, gays as inhuman, deny basic civil rights and religious freedom, as well as hating dogs is mystifying.

Then maybe this is why the Left never is able to build up much political capital. Most people don’t buy its message. Just look at those poll numbers and the success of conservative talk shows on radio and TV compared to less than stellar performance of liberal talk shows, lowlighted by the death of Air America Talk Radio.

In the end it probably comes down to the freedom of the individual to advance in life as far as he can go and the right to say two plus two equals four against the Borg-like collective thought process where only approved ideas are allowed and too much success makes you a liability to the cause..

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