The Economy
Politicians Live in Denial While
Population Faces Growing Reality
by Dan Ehrlich

One of the most amazing aspects of America’s economic decline is the state of denial in which Democrats and Republican politicians reside.

True, you don’t win elections by saying negative things or even telling the truth at times. But unless you face the facts, you can’t plan effective action. And, the fantasyland many of our leaders seem to inhabit still has America as a self sufficient nation.

They go on almost in “business as usual mode.” They don’t seem too concerned about our decline, how we are going to rise again or did we actually win the Cold War since we are now in the pocket of the biggest Communist nation of all.

Fact: It’s difficult to pin America’s declining world and domestic position on the Left as the Right now is doing. The world market monetarist philosophy that has America in a vice grip and the prime means of our rapid decline was initiated by President Reagan. Yet, all presidents since Reagan have strongly supported this system.

The fact of the matter is the nation is near bankruptcy with a $14 trillion national debt…a debt largely accrued during the Bush years. Yet, we are now paying more than $4 per gallon of gas thanks to greedy multi national corporations who care nothing for the country, just maximizing profits at the expense of the population. Yet, they, along with the GOP, are screaming at the possibility of windfall profits taxes.

They would be. For all the bluff and BS coming from Republican politicians about the cost of government, all any Republican administration has done domestically was protect big business, allowing it to become bigger and much richer at the public’s expense. When they talk about cutting taxes, the main beneficiaries are the wealthy.

They cling to the trickle down effect fantasy, where by empowering business, business will in-turn employ more workers. They never contemplated our patriotic industries would move to foreign lands where workers are dirt-cheap and our unemployed wind up living off the government.

When mind-numbing people such as Congresswoman Michele Bachman complain about the size and cost of government, she never brings up the many US corporations who pay little or no taxes from their offshore shelters. Major US industries, rather than dying on the vine, are showing record profits, profits that aren’t reflected in the taxes going to the government.

When a massive multi national such as General Electric is putting in for a massive tax refund, something very serious is wrong with the system.

Yet, both major parties propagate the myth that either fiscal restraint or massive government spending will repair the economy.

Well, as our population gradually becomes less affluent, government spending will have to increase to assist the new poor. It’s either that or risk massive or sporadic civil unrest and a possible breakdown of society.

Republican fiscal restraint and government cutbacks would only hasten the above effects.

The fact is, and its been said again and again, American can’t maintain its high living standard in competition with slave wage foreign workforces. And nothing Obama or the GOP might do will change that.

The basic element for national financial well being is job creation. Fact: Most jobs being created now are low paying, largely unskilled positions. This, and the way the government massages unemployment figures, means the true level of unemployment is hard to determine, but will be significantly higher.

Still worse, much our new found industrial success is due to American firms expanding abroad, while stagnating or even cutting back domestically. While this may look great for their balance sheets and on the stock market, it does nothing for the American worker.

Remember, our decline will offer periodic glimmers of hope in the form of more promising job figures or GDP. But the trend will always be downward. Yet, food and gas prices will keep climbing.

This will mean the ranks of the new poor will grow, and that includes millions of Latino immigrants who won’t go back to their native lands. They, and millions of Blacks who haven’t moved out of the ghettos will form a permanent underclass. They, along with the new poor will fight for low paying jobs.

But, there will be some hope. By that time Asian wages and living standards will have risen to a point where their products will be too expensive for Americans. So, as with the Japanese before them, they will move their industries to America where our new low wage work force will be able to make cheap goods we will be able afford. The cycle will be complete.

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