A New Dark Age Coming?
Obama Calls for Nation Building At Home
After Wars Sap America's Finances
by Dan Ehrlich

President Obama, in his speech on Afghanistan, said it’s time for nation building back home. There were two memorable aspects of that statement. The fact he used the term “nation building” is something seldom heard outside of media circles. But, much more than this, to acknowledge the nation has to be re-built is a major admission from the past positive reports on the America’s state.

Yet, his problem on this score is rooted in history. Nation’s seldom bounce back from decline after a peak of power and affluence. America’s closest almost déjà vu comparison is the Roman Empire, which went from democracy to dictatorship and eventual decline. Yet, Rome was at its peak when it was at its most brutal and pagan, as the Jews can attest.

Rome fell because it became soft and decadent at home and over extended abroad. Roman industry and agriculture had slaves from conquered nations doing much of the work for them and it allowed other foreigners to mix with its own population as Citizens of Rome.

Unemployment was solved by its huge military force that patrolled the empire. In short, the Romans lost the edge that made them great, the coupe de grace being the implementation of a minority faith, Christianity, as the official state religion.
Barbarians Didn't Want to Destroy Rome
When the Western Empire fell in 476 AD to Barbaric hordes from the north, the invaders’ intent wasn’t to destroy Rome, which they admired, but to be allowed to enjoy all the goodies Rome had to offer.

Without going into a long history lesson, the fact is while Odacer and his barbarian crew may have admired Rome, they didn’t build it and had no desire to maintain it. This is a key fact to remember. In the end, what was the grandeur of Rome disintegrated into competing city-states and it wasn’t until the 15th Century Renaissance that art and culture once again flourished.

Fast-forward to the present. The world as we know is now in danger. Our finite resources are being used-up by one unlimited resource-- people. The planet’s population is increasing dramatically, pushed by two peasant based religions, Catholicism and Hinduism, who teach their followers how good it is to have lots of kids. India will have a bigger population than China in as little as 10 years.

On top of this there’s global warming with the possibility of a world drinking water shortage at the same time the seas overflow with melted polar ice creating millions of refugees from newly submerged nations.

What I am about say isn’t something I’m wishing for and/or probably won’t be around to see. At my age my main concern is that my Social Security payment arrives on time. But as un PC as this may seem, this is a distinct possibility. Given that history repeats itself because humans fail to learn the lessons of history, there’s a chance that the developed world is heading towards another Medieval Period, a dark age, with America leading the way.

If America and Europe's relative affluence is depleted and these nation's are inundated with masses of newly impoverished people, along with endless economic migrants, what will be left to preserve all the wonders that have been created since the Renaissance? Will it matter if any number of environmental apocalyptic scenarios happen?

Similar to Rome we have squandered our wealth on ill advised and needless wars, while acting with gluttonous fervor back home. We have depended on foreigners to fill low wage jobs and have lost control of our borders.

While Rome was invaded from the North, our southern border has always been our weak point. But, it wasn’t until the post WW2 economic boom and the eventual fast food convenience culture that made our government ignore the millions of illegals filtering in from Mexico in a quest for cheap labor.

Of course much of this was due the chronic underdeveloped and corrupt state of Mexico, one of the poorest countries in this hemisphere, even though it has the potential for great wealth.

This is a condition that was helped along by America, a bad neighbor since the Mexican-American War of 1848.The situation there has worsened through the decades with the drug gang wars leading the way and now forcing many decent Mexicans to increasingly flee to the US in fear of their lives.
Hispanics On Track to Be Eventual Majority
While no one can blame these people seeking better lives, at the rate legal and illegal mainly Mexican immigrants are coming into the US and breeding once here, they will eventually be the majority population. They most probably will form part of a  permanent underclass, with poverty and crime increasing. By the start of the next century the US population is predicted to be 478 million, up from the current 312 million, largely due to Hispanic immigration and breeding.

Even in the best of times this would be alarming. But we aren’t in the best of times. The nation is in economic decline. Our high levels of unemployment will remain to where Americans are competing against illegals for fast food jobs. If we have sky high unemployment now, what will it be like in 25 years.

America has the greatest rich-poor gap among the wealthiest nations and its keeps on growing. Much of this is due to the growing  numbers of poor immigrants here and the gradual lowering of living standards among the shrinking middle class. Now couple this with the enormous salaries of some company executives and the outrageous fees film stars get for movies, as examples, and you can see where there would be a growing poverty gap.

On the other hand, Mexico is undergoing an economic boom thanks to NAFTA with American firms locating there for the cheap labor force at the expense of American workers. This may entice many illegals to seek work back home as the American economic condition continues to stagnate. In fact, we may now see skilled American workers going to Mexico for jobs.

America is a made-to order nation. If any nation had no "right to exist" its us, foreigners who came here and stole the land from native Americans.  It exists because our people conquered and held on to this land, Our forefathers were mainly Anglo-Saxon, but the country quickly became multi cultural in all but one thing...we all identified ourselves as Americans.That feeling. more and more, is being quelled by PC schooling and hedonistic self indulgence.

 But, are Mexican immigrants coming here because they love the society we have created, the same society that ripped-off half their own land mass after the 1848 War? Most are economic migrants who have no real love for us. Why should they?  Remember Rome and its conqueror Odacer...he liked Rome but he didn't build Rome. And his successors didn't maintain it, either.
                                                         TO BE CONTINUED

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