UK Hacking Scandal: Brooks Arrested, Top Cop Quits
Jail/Hollywood Her Next Career Moves?
by Dan Ehrlich

And the big question is:
What would Rebekah Brooks look like with short jailhouse hair? Could it be a new image for her? But, while she may have been arrested, she hasn’t been tried and convicted of anything…yet. So, the world can only imagine, or photo fit, the ravishing redhead with a bob behind bars.

Brooks could have taken the £ 3.5 million ($5 million) goodbye gift from Rupert Murdoch…and scampered off to America to see one of her mentors, Piers Morgan, about getting a showbiz agent. The warm sands of Malibu would be preferable to a cold cell in Holloway Prison for working on screenplay for this never-ending story. There's little doubt this is destined to be a major movie or TV mini series.

Now that money will be used to defend herself in court as a prime character in the biggest media scandal in UK history, one that has already seen 10 arrests made, a reported 9,000 hacking events and possible criminal involvement by members of the Metropolitan Police.

Of course of lot of this depends on what the Met’s investigation finds and what her answers will be to a parliamentary select committee…if she now goes through with testifying. Her lawyers may advise against it on sub judice grounds or possibly incriminating herself in advance of her possible criminal trial. To this end, there's speculation her arrest came now to keep her from spilling the beans to the committee about possible police involvement in the scandal.

It’s interesting to see the cops have applied equal opportunities in their arrests to hot chicks as well as tired male hacks. And, now word comes that the Chief of Scotland Yard Sir Paul Stephenson has resigned. He said he bore  "ultimate responsibility" for the questions the police faced over their links to the phone hacking scandal.

However, given that Morgan escaped his UK journalistic disgrace by heading to America and TV fame this might be a practical option for Rebekah…possibly replacing Morgan as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

It would address the male imbalance on the jury having Brooks alongside Sharon Osborne. Besides, Morgan has his hands full with his popular CNN show.

Can you imagine Rebekah and Sharon together? Or she could go back to work for her boss as a judge on Fox TV’s version of the X Factor. But that would have to be by executive order….producers of that show didn’t care for the last Brit chick brought on board.

In fact since Brits are normally so highly valued in the US, other possible phone hacking suspects might consider fleeing to the few English speaking nations where TV talent contests are many, but judges with quaint English accents are few…of course, this doesn’t explain the Cheryl Cole debacle.

Yes, becoming a TV talent show judge could be just the ticket to effective rehab for disgraced British journalists. They can be as mean spirited as they want and the TV execs would love ‘em all the more for it…even better they would at last be in the company of people who understand them…American TV producers who have no ethics about what they produce or who they humiliate, as long as the ratings are high…sounds just like the UK tabloids.

But, if stories such as this upset Rebekah, she had better get used to them...This is only the beginning as she moves into the very world of celebrity that gave her such a journalistic high. And she may gain some idea what the many targets of News of the World tittle-tattle and tell all stories may have felt. While tabloid news people are good at dishing out the dirt, some aren’t very good at taking it. That’s why Hollywood is a natural for such people, where the only acceptable view is the hype being created.

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