Is America reaping a bitter harvest it planted?
Dan Ehrlich
One might say America has got was it deserves with the election of Donald Trump. The process was highlighted the nation's flawed ramshackle money based primary system, the woefully archaic electoral college and most of all an ill educated and almost moronic working class in a few states that allowed their dislike for Hillary Clinton to see an ill- suited morally and emotionally deficient person into the White House.

In this respect the Democratic Party shared the blame for pre-ordaining its equally flawed feminist icon to be its candidate for what it wrongfully thought would be a slam dunk. The DNC officials were so full of themselves they never thought resentment of her was so high in a few blue states that anger would turn them red.

Sadly, in the end the joke is on those voters. The core of Trump's voters seems to be the same sort of people who think they can buy a new car with bad credit, no money down and still get a good deal. It's a fantasy as are the promises for DT of economic well being in an America made great again.

When you see some his bizarre cabinet and adviser choice a sane person has to ask why he would choose an education secretary with no teaching or public education experience, a celebrated brain surgeon as an urban development director, a racist southern senator as an attorney general and a low wage fast food chain owner as labor secretary.

Then somehow he chose as his closest adviser, man who is sort of synthesis of Trump himself, a combination of a vulgar right wing zealot and devout Marxist. It's almost as if he's running his administration as a version of Celebrity Apprentice...the tip off was him Tweeting how much better he was as the TV reality game than his current successor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

America used to lead the world as a dynamic force for change. But the fact we have neglected our basic system of government for so long I has become moribund and led us to a Trump presidency.

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